Ed Sheeran concert leaves sophomore girl with post-concert depression

Raine Lipscher

Crowds of excited teenage girls piled outside of the Frank Erwin Center on May 6, the signature black X from the album was plastered on T-shirts and walls, and I felt as if I was swimming in a pool of flower crowns. There was only one place I could be in that situation — an Ed Sheeran concert.

After maybe the worst opening act in the history of ever, with Ben Kweller whining into a microphone, the lights dimmed and the crowd roared. I think my heart stopped beating when the 5’8” ginger walked out on the stage with his acoustic guitar and angelic voice. Ed didn’t need back-up singers or entertaining dancers to keep my attention — he was the bright light in the dark stadium.

The concert felt like the entire stadium was swaying together in the clouds when he sang soothing songs like “Bloodstream” and “Give Me Love.” When he wasn’t belting out heartbreak lyrics, he was leading the mass into an all-out dance party and bobbing around the stage like a muppet. My absolute favorite part of the show would have to be when Ed came back on stage for an encore and jumped on the speakers to sing (ironically) “Sing.” The lights flew across the huddles of people and rainbow flashed across the stage, it was so fun it was like a dream.

Along with Ed’s amazing songs, there was also a really sweet proposal. The soon-to-be husband dragged his stage-frightened girlfriend on to stage when Ed said “she doesn’t seem too happy to be coming up here.” But after he gave his romantic ballad and she let out an elated yes, the crowd exhaled an “awwwwww.”

In essence, the concert was amazing, and for three hours I felt like I was in an Ed Sheeran wonderland.