2 Times the Cellist

Julia Rasor

They were once two solo cellists performing as rivals in the classical music world. Alone, they individually succeeded in achieving many awards honoring their cello skills and gaining renowned recognition. Upon the decision to come together and create a band of their own, 2Cellos was formed, and a new era of contemporary and classical cello music was invented. What used to be two cellists trying to make their way in the world of music became two best friends joining together and making their own sensational trademark style of cello music.

Luka Sulic from Slovenia and Stjepan Hauser from Croatia rose to stardom after their YouTube release of “Smooth Criminal” in 2011. These two talented performers play any genre of music, from pop to classical. Their unimaginable talent creates masterpieces that bring joy to everyone who hears them.

2Cellos came to Austin on Feb. 28 for a live performance at the Long Center for Performing Arts. The two-and-a-half-hour performance had me on the edge of my seat ‘til the very end. After an opening performance by Erin Ivey, Sulic walked alone onto the stage with a white electric cello. What began as a peaceful melody turned into a magical harmony when Hauser later joined in.

Sulic and Hauser couldn’t be any more different. Their personalities vary in an amusing and enjoyable way that adds to the combination of their music. Sulic has a soft and calming touch to the sound of his cello. It mystifies the music and adds that gentle soul into the chaos of Hauser’s music. Hauser is a charismatic comedian who brings laughter to the audience without a single word. His cello speaks just like his personality, and violently adds a twist to songs we have heard so many times before.

Throughout the rest of the night, I watched as they went from playing peaceful classics to the hard rock of AC/DC. The show was, in one word, exhilarating. The night seemed too short, and the end of their reign had come too quickly. A storm of wild excitement flew in the air as the crowd around me exploded in cheers of endless screaming, voicing their love for these two charming men.

2Cellos has the audacity to play on these classical instruments when many would not dare to. They have recreated this uncommon style, plucking and strumming, banging and looming on each and every note. 2Cellos utilizes every detail and reforms a song into something no one has ever heard before.

2Cellos personally brought a thrilling experience, and I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys a flavorful twist on classical music. If you ever get the chance to see these two spectacular cellists, do it. They may only be just two cellos, but they produce so much more than just one sound.