BBC Sci-fi series Orphan Black has it all

Rachel Cooper

May 22, 2014

What do an on-the-run rebel, a policewoman, a suburban soccer mom, a genius scientist, a powerful executive and a psychotic assassin have in common? They're all identical clones. The science-fiction thriller show Orphan Black,...

Daniel Fights a Hurricane by Shane Jones

Michelle Fairorth

May 22, 2014

Shane Jones’ 2012 novel is written like a painting: hypnotic and illusory, as it follows Daniel Suppleton on his tragic descent into madness, and his ex-wife’s desperate struggle to help him. On the outside, the story is about...

Westlake gets seven new assistant coaches to take over football program

Nelson Aydelotte

May 22, 2014

A new era has begun for Westlake football, as Todd Dodge takes over the head coaching and athletic director positions. But Dodge isn't the only new coach — seven other position coaches will join him to lead the Chaps next year. Linebacker...

Valedictorian reflects on high school career

Ananya Zachariah

May 22, 2014

She didn’t choose the valedictorian life. The valedictorian life chose her. Senior Rochelle Forni never set ranking first as a goal. Nevertheless, on May 30 she will give the valedictory address and lead her fellow seniors into...

Journalism department brings home the gold

Peyton Richardson

May 21, 2014

On April 26-27, at the University of Texas, both the newspaper and yearbook programs received statewide achievement awards from the Interscholastic League Press Conference or ILPC. Both El Paisano and The Featherduster received Gold Star a...

Reveal and read secrets on this anonymous app

Sara Phillips

May 20, 2014

Want to hear a secret? Want to share a secret? Want to do so completely anonymously? Then maybe you should check out Whisper, the secret sharing app. On it you can discover other people's innermost thoughts without ever having...

Heaven Is For Real loses its wings

Michael Wiggin

May 19, 2014

As a general rule, movies must strive to create an empathetic relationship between its own characters and the audience.This empathy must be created early on so the audience emotionally invests in the story being told to them, th...