How to crochet a baby octopus


Have you ever wanted your very own squishy, eight-legged denizen of the deep? Do you like fun, easy crafts? Is the ocean floor an underwater beach? Are you tired of rhetorical questions yet? If so, pull up a chair and whip out some materials — let’s get kraken.

I’ll be using three very basic stitches for this project: the chain stitch, slip stitch and single stitch. If you don’t know how to do these and want to learn, is a great resource.

Fun fact: The word “yarn” comes from the Old English word “gearn” which means “spun fiber.” Gearn, in turn, comes from the Proto-Germanic “garnan,” which comes from the root “ghere-,” meaning “intestine.”



Crochet hook

Stuffing (or cotton balls, or strips of Kleenex)

Black felt

Googly eyes

Needle and thread

Hot glue


Level one: The Body

Congratulations! You have completed level one of “Crochet an Octopus!” Your body should look sort of like a party-popper.

Level two: The Tentacles

Congratulations! You have completed level two of “Crochet an Octopus!”

Level three: The Eyes

Congratulations! You have completed your octopus! Take pride in your creation.

Don’t forget to accessorize! Give it a little beanie, or a bow! Sew a flower on its head! The octopus is a very fashion-conscious creature after all. Last of all, be creative! Use different color yarns for the body and tentacles, replace googly eyes with buttons, sequins or sewed-on eyes. The possibilities are endless! Have fun!