Reveal and read secrets on this anonymous app

Want to hear a secret? Want to share a secret? Want to do so completely anonymously? Then maybe you should check out Whisper, the secret sharing app. On it you can discover other people’s innermost thoughts without ever having to know their names, or vice versa.

I first discovered Whisper while browsing Buzzfeed. There was a post containing some of the most shocking secrets from the app, and I was immediately intrigued. I downloaded it and spent the next hour sifting through various secrets.

The secrets range from trivial to intense. For example, one post might say, “I tell people I’m a vegetarian, but sometimes I eat meat,” while another might say, “My 5-year-old sister is actually my daughter, but she can never know.” It’s fascinating to see what people are willing to share when they don’t have to reveal their names or any details from their lives other than one little (or big) secret.

Of course, the app has a few flaws. Since it is possible to send messages, some people choose to use it as a dating site. The spelling is egregious. Occasionally a random pervert will make a immature post. But as long as you stick to the featured and popular pages, the posts are OK for the most part. I suggest avoiding the “nearby” page, because that’s where the posts you’ll want to avoid tend to be.

People have the ability to comment on secrets as well. This can be good and bad: good because some people offer advice or consolation when the secret sharer is clearly having a hard time and bad because some choose to leave negative or judgmental comments. The app is clearly meant as a way to get secrets off your chest, so it’s disappointing to see some people abuse it.

Will Whisper become the next big app like Snapchat or Instagram? Probably not. But maybe it’s best to keep this app our little secret.