BBC Sci-fi series Orphan Black has it all

What do an on-the-run rebel, a policewoman, a suburban soccer mom, a genius scientist, a powerful executive and a psychotic assassin have in common? They’re all identical clones.

The science-fiction thriller show Orphan Black, set in present day, brings the fascinating and frightening idea of cloning to life. Focused on the main clone Sarah Manning, the rebel, the show follows her as she investigates her origins, meets other clones and watches her whole life flip upside down.

Every mood is wrapped up in the series to create the full package. It can be light, hilarious and heart-warming at times; it can also be dark, twisted and horrific. But overall, the plot and multiple storylines that develop are complex, unclear and pretty confusing — the way any good drama should be.

The woman behind each clone is Tatiana Maslany, a Canadian actress who can pull off every style and accent there is in order to portray the numerous clone personas that are represented in the show. Only a few actors have impressed me as much as Maslany has in this series. Even if you aren’t into the storyline, the show is worth a try just for her magnificent performance.

You’ll be hooked after one watch since a cliffhanger is guaranteed at the end of every episode. Season two is in the middle of airing right now on BBC America, but you can find season one on Amazon Prime Instant Video.