SAT/ACT cancellations and postponements

As the novel coronavirus extends its infection around the world, restlessness concerning education, such as the after-effects of SAT and ACT cancellations, spreads. Many schools have turned to online alternatives for the rest of the school year, and organizations are stepping back from standard activities such as standardized testing. More specifically, due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, all original testing dates for the SAT were subsequently canceled. However, the College Board announced that a new September administration would be formed and testing dates would be moved to early fall through winter. Westlake is a specified testing site on dates such as Aug. 29 to Dec. 5 of this year for the SAT. With these unprecedented cancellations come the undetermined future college admission processes for the class of 2021. At least 51 colleges and universities have already dismissed SAT and ACT expectations for fall admissions. Moreover, some colleges and universities are now considering optional SAT and ACT testing for the admissions process until the fall of 2021, one being Texas Christian University. 

For various advocacy groups, the COVID-19 pandemic may just be an opening to implement policies they believe in. These optional testing requirements for the SAT and ACT have brought attention to many student-driven groups that wish to make this option permanent instead of simply being temporary for the COVID-19 pandemic. Many complaints stem from unequal socioeconomic status among students, arguing that SAT and ACT scores are highly dependent on the income of parents or students themselves. Additionally, the race of a student has sometimes seemed to influence the testing scores of teens. 

Not only does this coronavirus shake the technical side of college admission, but it also damages the mental health of many students that rely on SAT/ACT scores to get into higher education. Around 2 million U.S. students take the SAT, and forced cancellations of such important tests could easily prevent teenagers from being accepted into their dream schools. This naturally raises anxiety among already stressed teens. Furthermore, the abrupt lack of testing can prevent students from distinguishing themselves amongst others. Nonetheless, things are still constantly changing, making it crucial to check for updates and plan accordingly. Also, always confirm recent news with the official websites of the ACT and SAT testing companies and the university websites directly to help prevent the spread of misinformation.