Westlake Chaparrals Vs Akins Eagles Freshman Volleyball

The new Westlake Freshman Volleyball team is officially on the road to a victorious year. The game took place in the Akins Highschool Gymnasium. Both teams warmed up by passing the ball between each other as they got closer to the beginning of the first match. “Like every game we were focused on our teamwork because that’s what strives about our team.”Freshman Ruby Lutes states.

As the first match began there was no denying that Westlake had the upper hand. Every shot and every move was clever and played out as a point scored for the visitors. Once the game was comfortable Akins had caught up, but they were eventually taken down by the Chaps’ strategic plays.

“In both matches, I think that our serving was the reason we scored well.”Westlake DS (Defensive Specialist) Lutes said. Westlakes Freshman team is very powerful this year. The team itself was very well put together and they all strive from their teammates.

There was a very forceful strike played by freshman Libero Kylie Campbell [Photo 1]. From what was played out on the court the serving and teamwork was their strong spot, which led the Chaparrals to a win of {25-11} in the first match. “The moment before I hit the ball, I get a nervous ache in my stomach. But after it flies over the net I get so relieved.” Campbell said.

Match two carried on the strength from the one before. There was even more energy on the sidelines and the court as the game went on. Multiple vigorous strikes made the game go by faster. The scoreboard was constantly flicking new numbers down to the second. There were many forceful spikes on the court during the second match but what caught the crowd’s eye the most were players Natalie Miller [Photo 2] and Simone Dudley [Photo 3] with their powerful strikes over the net. The Westlake team was non-stop gaining points on the board. Then they got to {24-8} and the other team scored leaving the scoreboard at {24-9}. Akins had a moment of relief but then Westlake scored their final winning point of the day. The match ended with cheers from the crowd and celebrations from the Westlake Volleyball players themselves [Photo 4]. The Chapperals wiped out the court with the final score of {25-9}. The Westlake Freshman VB team is showing a great year of success ahead of them and amazing progression on the court for each of the players.