Model UN has a great overall year

The Model UN club just came back from a meet on April 16 at Ronald Reagan High School in San Antonio. They discussed on solving problems about Haiti’s economic and health state.

“We have had about six meets so far,” Model UN sponsor Leah Pagano said. “It’s not like a sport where it builds from District to State. With the exception of the national conference, we have won awards in all of the conferences we have gone to this year.”

Prior to each of the various meets across the U.S., each member is assigned a country and a problem that real UN committees are trying to solve. The students then research everything about the country and the problem.

“Let’s say I got assigned a food and agriculture association with the country India and the topic was about saving bees,” Pagano said. “I would then research all about the issue and what the food and agriculture association has done so far. When I get to the meet, I have the opportunity to use all the research that I have done to build a resolution. The goal is to create a plan to solve that problem.”

In its biggest win so far this season, the Model UN club went on Feb. 20 to San Antonio for the State meet and came back with nine individual awards and an overall best delegation in their division.

“Model UN has very little to do with awards and winning,” Model UN member, Junior, Sid Rao said. “It’s really about solving difficult problems in a creative way.”