Student perform in first live music lunch

Ananya Zachariah

Student Council hosted the first live music lunch of the year on October 17 to celebrate Homecoming. Skyline, comprised of seniors Mina Lee, Mitchell Toth, Rishi Malhotra, Jason Chiang, and Ananya Zachariah performed several covers of popular songs to entertain students during their lunch periods, including Counting Stars, Rolling in the Deep, Sky Full of Stars, and a mash-up of Wrecking Ball and Grenade.
“Helping host live music lunches gives me a chance to give back to my school through a medium that everyone can enjoy, which is really special to me,” Student Council member junior Simita Gaglani said.
While Student Council members have not decided on a date for the next live music lunch, it will undoubtedly be lots of fun for all Westlake students.
“Live music lunches are such a blast,” senior Maddy Munford said. “I enjoy seeing my classmates perform songs that I love. It alleviates some of the stress from the school day and it is great chance to relax and have fun with your friends.”