Student shares her daily quarantine routine

Things people are doing in quarantine 

  • Waking up 2 minutes before their first class
  • Eating their first meal at 2pm
  • Cutting their hair—bangs, bobs, mullets, then shaving it all off etc
  • Dying their hair 
  • Going on 15 walks a day
  • Painting their walls
  • Doing their makeup for no reason
  • Getting super dressed up for no reason
  • Accidentally staying up till 4am
  • Going on tons of drives 
  • So many DIY projects 
  • Making TikTok 
  • Contemplate giving yourself a tattoo
  • Committing to workout routines then forgetting about them 
  • Changing into your daytime pajamas out of your nighttime pajamas 

I know everyone has been super lost during this quarantine and no longer has a set schedule, so I decided that I would share my daily schedule. Being 18 years old, I think I have a pretty good sense of what I need to be doing to keep in shape and keep my mental health on track.

My day starts about 3 minutes before my first Zoom class when I throw myself out of bed, put my daytime pjs on and sit in front of my computer and do nothing for a few hours. Every once in a while, my teachers will ask an attendance question and it really spices up my day. What are they going to ask me today? “What have you been up to?” “What TV show/movies have you been watching?” “What would you be doing if you weren’t in quarantine?” Just some nice simple questions that make you go “wow.” 

After my classes, I like to go on a walk. I go on about 15 walks a day which is great for both my physical and mental health. Sometimes I switch things up and go for a drive. My favorite spot to go to is any empty parking lot where I can scream in my car without disturbing anyone. If I can’t find an empty parking lot, maybe I’ll just drive to Taco Bell and get another quesadilla. 

Once I return home from my adventure, I go into my room, lay on my bed face up and just dissociate for a little while. Wow, look at that. An hour went by and I didn’t even notice. After rolling out of bed, I walk to the kitchen and get my fifth meal of the day and get a Hot Pocket. I usually like to go on TikTok and get inspired to either paint my walls or shave my head. Since I know my dad would kill me if I did either of those things, I decide to cut bangs and bleach my hair to dye it orange. And would you look at that, it’s already midnight and we still have so many things left to do.

If I’m really bored sometimes I’ll put on a full face of makeup and get super dressed up for absolutely no reason. Did I need to put on socks and shoes for this? No. Did it make me feel any better? No, not really, I’m still bored. After I’m done deleting all the pictures I took of said makeup and outfit, I take a nice hot shower. This usually takes a pretty long time due to it being pretty hard to keep track of time when you’re sitting on the floor just letting the water hit your back, wishing you could be doing literally anything else. Anyway, after my showers I wash my face, put on my nighttime pajamas, go get another snack. Then I go to bed at around 4am and do it all over again the next day.=