Esports Arena Trains Upcoming Pros

Located inside the well-known pyramid-shaped hotel Luxor in Las Vegas is the indoor arena made for hosting Esports competitions and a place for amateur gamers to hang out and practice. I visited the Esports Arena last summer and this year’s spring break. Inside is a very well-designed venue, starting with the front desk next to a series of monitors connected to dozens of Xboxes and PlayStations.

    Anyone who owns these consoles will be given a controller and a headset and can log in through their Xbox or PlayStation account. This is where I spent the bulk of my time, and I was amazed at how advanced and efficient the venue is.

    Through the back doors is a small circular room acting as a hallway into the next area. All around this room are multiple TVs mounted on the walls, hooked up to different consoles from all generations, including the original Xbox, GameCube, Nintendo 64 and other types of consoles. All of them have a classic game installed for you to play. Players can compete against others at the venue or anyone over the internet.

    After passing this room, the final and most impressive room remains. Inside is a massive, darker room with rows of high-end computers and monitors, with a bar that serves food, sodas and adult beverages, all at an additional charge.

Costs to play vary depending upon how many hours you want to engage.For example, one hour costs $15, four hours cost $40 and a Weekend Warrior ticket is $125.

I had a fantastic time playing games in the Esports Arena, with its high speed internet, sodas and food being served to you tied with its high quality service. Esports Arena is a great place for you to check out the next time you’re ever in Las Vegas.