Parental Guidance Advised

Parents are responsible enough to dictate Drag Show viewership

As conservative voices continue to increase in extremism and prevalence, politicians and talk show hosts have found their new target, a group that has existed for decades – drag queens. Disguised as a method to protect children from being sexually exploited, these people have been stigmatizing drag shows (beyond current society standards) and heavily attacking famous drag queens and icons of the queer community. Conservatives rely on these tactics to sugarcoat their blatant bigotry toward marginalized communities, and sparking fear in the country about the safety of children only adds fuel to this strengthening blaze.

Queer activists don’t advocate for pedophilia; they advocate for tolerance, and people who have been raised around diverse groups of people have far more of it than those who don’t. Certain shows are appropriate for children, while others are not, and it is the parents’ responsibility to decide what to bring their children to. Right-wing extremists seek to divide the country over social issues such as these in order to further their own agendas, often rooted in Christian nationalism or “traditional” values. It’s vital that LGBTQ+ members remain open and supportive despite these attacks against them. Otherwise, it’s especially easy to characterize the community as aggressive and oversensitive who could influence younger generations to adopt the same negative traits.

Regardless, it is important to ensure that drag performances remain appropriate for viewers, or that parents don’t bring children to shows that are intended to be for adults. This conscious approach to drag queens would benefit all participating parties, as well as limit the arguments far-right wing people can use. Ultimately, the queer community should continue to encourage exposure to LGBTQ+ ideas while maintaining age-appropriate themes for those of all different ages.