Sports gambling column: Week 11

I really thought I was going to win this one.

I bet on the Vikings to beat the Bears on Sunday Night Football, but once again, I lost. I didn’t trust Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky against a stout Vikings defense, but I was wrong. I didn’t think it mattered that this game was in Chicago, or that it was in cold weather, but I was wrong. I didn’t think the Vikings would lose a huge game like this, but I was wrong. An overthrown deep ball to Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs and an untimely fumble by Vikings running back Dalvin Cook took away any chance the Vikings had of scoring in the first half, leaving them in a 0-14 hole. Even though Trubisky turned the ball over twice, the Vikings failed to capitalize off his mistakes, scoring a mere three points combined on the ensuing drives. Cousins couldn’t quite figure out linebacker Khalil Mack and the rest of the Bears defense for the rest of the game, and an interception return by Bears defensive back Eddie Jackson gave the home team a 22-6 advantage with only eight minutes left in the game, essentially sealing a Bears win. This game was a real coming-out party for the Bears, and it makes me wonder if they’re a legitimate contender in the NFC. Barring injury, I would have the Bears as the third-best team in the NFC, behind the elite Saints and Rams teams that both put up unbelievable numbers in winning efforts this weekend.

So, did I learn any gambling lessons? Actually, I did. I broke a gambling rule that I follow: Don’t take dome teams outdoors. The Vikings play in a dome, and since this game was in the Windy City, I shouldn’t have bet on the Vikings. But why did I break my own rule? Well, I thought since the Vikings are from a cold city, maybe they would be able to handle the weather. But the Bears dominated most of this game, and I don’t think the weather had much to do with it. This was one of those games where a gambling rule is more of a superstition than anything. This was the first time that I’ve given incorrect gambling advice since I’ve been writing this column (who can believe it), so now I lose some of the very little credibility I had. It’s a sad day.

I don’t have any gambling advice for this weekend, because for some reason Bovada doesn’t have any odds on the Bears-Lions game on Thanksgiving yet. If they post the odds tomorrow, I’ll update this column with what I think about gambling on the game. Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving, and I’ll see you next week.


Money spent to date: $90

Winnings to date: $0