Girls Soccer Dominates against Akins Eagles

All senior girls score goals against Akins, making senior night one for the books
Nina Corso
The varsity team’s six seniors pose for a photo to remember their senior night. Senior celebrations started early before the game where they received tiaras and bouquets of flowers.

All varsity senior soccer girls scored a goal on senior night March 19. That helped varsity girls’ soccer beat Akins 7-0 at Chaparral Stadium. 

The senior girls were honored by being awarded with silver tiaras, bouquets of flowers and rounds of applause from the crowd. Seniors Kate Grannis, Lily Davidson, Hannah Hollenbeck, Gabby Jatinen, Margaret Barton and Emma Kron were all named and recognized to the audience for their work on the team. 

The senior girls came and conquered. Since this game, the Chaps varsity girls soccer have began playoffs and won their opening two games 

The game started out with an easy leg up against the Eagles. Keeping the ball close to the opposing goal, the Chaps scored three goals in the first few minutes. The Lady Chaps made it difficult for the Akins Eagles to keep up. Senior Kate Grannis scored a quick first goal for the Chaps. She ran from midfield to the penalty box, before beating the Eagles defenders and goalkeeper.   

Senior Kate Grannis running the ball up the field at Chaparral Stadium, Tuesday, March 19. Grannis was a key player for the entirety of the game, scoring the team two goals.
(Nina Corso )

Center back senior Lily Davidson quickly followed, running to the goal for a potential score that was stopped. The Chaps continued the pressure, not allowing  Akins to make it past the halfway point of the field. Making lots of strong advances, and pushing to the goal, senior Gabby Jatinen scored yet another goal from the middle of the goal box, causing the team to jump up and down and celebrate together.

Senior Gabby Jatinen taking a shot at the goal at Chaparral Stadium, Tuesday, March 19. Jatinen had been working as a team player the whole game, now granting her own time to shine. (Nina Corso )

Junior AJ Carlson was pushing against and pressuring the Eagles’ defenders. Following swiftly after, senior Emma Kron scored Westlake’s third goal from the right corner of the field. The Chaps ran circles around Akins, tiring them out. Senior Kate Grannis made a run for it and sprinted up the field, earning them a speedy fourth goal. 

Multiple attempts came from senior Lily Davidson for the goal, including one of the most acrobatic skills: a bicycle kick. After multiple attempts throughout the game, Davidson scored her first goal of the game late in the second half, earning the Chaps their fifth goal. 

Soon after, senior Margaret Barton scored Westlake’s sixth goal, running from one end of the field to the other. With the game secure, senior goalkeeper Hannah Hollenbeck came out of the goal to play up front. She had multiple goal attempts, working dynamically with her team up front. 

Akins didn’t have much of a chance to get the ball in their possession, only running the ball to Westlake’s goal once. Hollenbeck scored varsity girls’ soccer’s seventh goal with a great effort in the goal box. The Chaps won the game with a 7-0 final. The girls celebrated by jumping around and hugging each other, coming to the stands to read the signs made by fans. 

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