Sophomore discusses personal experience reaching out to teachers

When I started school, I learned that teacher and student relationships usually vary, depending upon those involved.

When I began sixth grade, I was a bit hesitant to tell a teacher my personal problems at the time. But things snowballed when I met a kid who I never really saw eye-to-eye with. He constantly bullied and harassed me and called me names. What he said caused my grades to slip since instead of doing homework, I was reeling from the things he said to me. But there was one thing that really helped me get through all that turmoil: my teachers.

Believe me, I get that talking to teachers may seem uncomfortable or unnerving. But it is possible. One thing I learned the hard way when dealing with personal issues is that it is better to talk and not stay quiet.\

You can’t just leave any problem unattended to and hope it will blow over.

I speak from experience when I say it’s better to take the initiative and face an uncomfortable conversation that will help you in the long run rather than do nothing to solve the issue. It is okay to talk to your teachers about all sorts of problems you have going on. They are here to help and will listen if you need to talk. Not only does it get rid of, or at least make the problem less severe, you’ll also feel better about yourself for doing so.