Student shares what makes her feel joy

If you ask anyone, they could tell you I’m one of the weirdest, most talkative, adventurous, laid-back people you’ll ever meet. I love doing some pretty weird things and I have some really strange yet simple things that can make me smile. My Top 10 List of things that make me happy is (in no particular order):

1)      Long car rides with LOUD music and very little to say.

2)      Queso. Any type of queso. Give me it and I’m on cloud nine.

3)      Deep meaningful books. Typically the ones I can’t put down and where I get emotionally attached to the characters. John Green ones are usually at the top of that list.

4)      When people tell me that they have read one of those deep meaningful books I have suggested, and they love it.

5)      When I’m laughing so hard I get a newly appeared set of abs and tears down my face. This is always the best when I’m laughing about something completely stupid that doesn’t matter at all.

6)      Big reunions with friends or family members. The ones where we run up and give each other a gigantic hug as if it were planned. Or even if it was, it’ll make me feel happy anyways.

7)      My Uncle. He truly is one of the funniest guys to have ever walked this planet. He has a particularly dry and sarcastic sense of humor, but he can find a joke in anything. And I mean anything. He’s fantastic at telling stories, and I can always rely on him to hold an interesting conversation.

8)    Fuzzy socks are what can turn my day around. If I put them on, I’m instantly in a better mood. Particularly the ones with lotion made in them. They’re life- changing.

9)    The “Oh my gosh what just happened” movies. When my mind gets completely confused, and then at the end it all comes together like a puzzle, and I’m absolutely blown away. Priceless.

10)    My friends and family. I know, here’s the cliché one. I think anyone who says their friends and family don’t make them happy is lying. They are the people who make things happen. Think about it: The laughs, the memories, even the tears. That’s what makes me, me. My parents, brothers and friends mean everything to me. Seeing them succeed or smile is the number one thing that makes me happy in this world. They’re the reason numbers one through nine are as amazing as they are, and I thank them infinitely for that.