Which Hallmark movie are you?

Build your own Hallmark holiday movie and receive some life advice!

Keep track of your answers for the following questions and consult the results below.

1. What is your profession?

a.) A magazine reporter still waiting for a big story to launch your career as a “real journalist.”

b.) A talented baker still trying to move on from a relationship that ended over a year ago.

c.) A cutthroat lawyer who hasn’t found a significant other you love more than your job.

d.) A successful wedding planner who, ironically, hasn’t had much luck finding that special someone with whom to tie the knot.

2. Who is your best friend?

a.) Your quirky gay roommate who has been trying to convince you to get back out into the dating scene since your ex (who they never liked anyway) dumped you.

b.) Your childhood best friend who’s secretly in love with you.

c.) The barista at the coffee shop below your apartment who knows your order by heart.

d.) Your married older sister who believes wine is the answer to everything.

3. Who is your romantic interest?

a.) The successful, but rude, business tycoon who is harboring a dark family secret (they’re bad, but you can change them).

b.) Your long-time best friend who you’re starting to see in a different way.

c.) The small-town inn keeper with a smooth southern drawl, who is also a ranch hand and owner of a local no-kill animal shelter.

d.) The gorgeous (and single) heir to the throne of a small country that you’ve never heard of before. Everyone there has British accents though you’re unsure of its actual geological location.

4. How do you meet them?

a.) You pretended to be someone else to get into an exclusive gala that they also attended.

b.) You stole their pudding in kindergarten, and you’ve been best friends ever since.

c.) They accidentally ran you over with their car, which got your relationship off to a rough start.

d.) You were taking your corgi for a walk in the park when he breaks free, which forced you to chase after him. You finally caught your dog and when you looked up, you were staring into the eyes of true love.

5. Describe the cute relationship montage that shows how you and your love interest grew closer.

a.) Dancing the night away at a glamorous party, walking into the room as all eyes turn towards you because you’re just such a gorgeous couple, your favorite band performing live, an upbeat song suddenly changing to a slow dance.

b.) Shopping spree to find an outfit for a big event coming up, trying on sunglasses and laughing, coming out of the dressing room and spinning, tossing a feathery boa over you shoulder, ending with a satisfied nod.

c.) Buying gifts for the children in the orphanage, volunteering at the animal shelter, visiting children in the hospital, recycling, baking cupcakes for a bake sale to raise money for cancer research.

d.) Snowball fight, ice skating, hot cocoa by the fire, watching old rom-coms snuggled under a blanket, taking a sleigh ride down a brightly lit lane.

6. What happens that makes you think it’s the end of the relationship?

a.) Your partner discovers that you’ve been pretending to be someone else the whole time, and they don’t know if they can believe that any of it was real.

b.) Your ex returns, begging you to take them back. Your hesitation to decide makes your new love interest jealous, and they start to put up the emotional wall that you worked so hard to break down in the first half of the movie.

c.) They’re actually dating someone else. Their significant other returns after being away for a while, and seeing the two of them together reminds you that you were never more than a friend to them (or so you think…).

d.) You overhear your love interest say something upsetting, but flee the scene before you can hear the rest of the conversation where everything is explained.

7. How do you two make up?

a.) You help save the day somehow, and they completely forgive you for whatever it was you did and profess their suddenly unconditional love that was very much conditional only moments earlier.

b.) One of you declares your love for the other, sealing the deal with a proposal.

c.) You hand them a present as a last goodbye, and as you’re walking away they open it. It’s so perfect and thoughtful that it makes them realize that you’re actually the one for them, so they run after you and admit their true feelings.

d.) They frantically run through the airport while being chased by security to see you one last time before you get on your flight. You’re so overwhelmed by this gesture that you agree to miss your non-refundable flight to “see where this thing goes.”

8. What songs plays as the camera pans out on your romantic end scene?

a.) “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey

b.) “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway

c.) “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Leona Lewis

d.) “Cold December Night” by Michael Bublé

9. What is the title?

a.) Christmas Wish

b.) Homebaked Christmas

c.) Jingle All the Way To My Heart

d.) Wedding’s Eve


If you chose mostly a’s….

The best Christmas gift of all is the present moment! Sure, self-reflection into the past and planning for the future are pragmatic in moderation, but be sure to take the time to appreciate your life for what it is now. If we’re not living in the moment, are we really living at all?

If you chose mostly b’s….

Some things are simply out of your control. Sometimes you have to let go of your original plan, and adapt to the new situation, just like Santa on that foggy Christmas Eve. He couldn’t control the weather, but he was still able to find a solution. More often than not, that solution is laying right under your (red) nose.

If you chose mostly c’s….

Don’t let yourself be defined by what people think you should be. Just like a dreidel, your personality is multidimensional with many sides. As you go through life and begin to discover these different parts of yourself, your tastes, thoughts and opinions are allowed to change. It’s called character development.

If you chose mostly d’s….

Don’t forget to take time for yourself. Just like the Santa’s Workshop on Christmas Eve, life can get pretty hectic. But when you use all your energy trying to make other people happy, you’re not doing yourself any favors. There’s nothing wrong with being considerate, as long as you treat yourself with the same respect.