New sequel rockapella’s the box office

Having loved the comedy and music provided in the first Pitch Perfect movie, I was over the moon when I found out there would be a second one. Pitch Perfect 2 is centered around the national disgrace that the Bellas are facing and their road to the World Championships; the movie also focuses on the bonding of the current Bellas and the addition of a new character, Emily, played by Hailee Steinfeld.

Steinfeld was perfectly cast as Emily, the fresh-faced new Bella, who has only ever wanted to be a Bella due to her mother’s constant nostalgia towards the group. Pitch Perfect 2 focuses less on Beca’s life and more on Emily’s struggles to fit in and how her expectations measure up to reality. Steinfeld does an amazing job portraying Emily because she is sweet and younger than the rest of the girls. She makes you want to follow your own dreams.

My favorite part of the movie is when they go to a retreat run by their old leader Aubry, played by Anna Camp. It’s where the Cup Song makes a reappearance and also has some of the funniest jokes in the movie. This scene is my favorite because it seems to have the most impact on the Bellas, and it helped them to rediscover their voice and their true relationships.

After finding their voice again, the Bellas finally arrive in Copenhagen, where they will perform for the world, hoping to be reinstated back home. The Bellas will also compete against the infamous Das Sound Machine, or DSM. They were a good addition to the second movie because they added a sense of real competition and a certain edginess that the first movie didn’t have.

In comparison to the last movie, Pitch Perfect 2’s last performance wasn’t top Bella status, due to the music choices, but the addition of Emily’s original song made it all worthwhile. The nostalgia they added during the end performace was a great touch; even if it wasn’t one of Beca’s best mashups. Although the two movies were very different, Pitch Perfect 2 blew out the theatres as the number one movie of its opening weekend.