Kelce brothers reach “New Heights”

NFL stars’ podcast provides unique look to commentary on and off the field

When fall rolls around, football season comes with people around the country getting ready for five months of ridiculous highlight plays, crazy endings and amusing off field antics. It’s often more interesting to seeinto players’ personal lives and experience seeing them as regular people, however, it’s very difficult as players to get the perfect balance of football and everything else. Oftentimes, players cannot find the way to succeed in this regard.

This past season, Jason and Travis Kelce, as well as numerous other former and current NFL players, have attempted podcasts centered around their jobs, but none have done it like the Kelce’s. The podcast quickly took over as the number one sports podcast in the United States, and for good reason. 

The two brothers have provided good conversation for NFL fans to listen to every week. With segments like “Twelve Bold Topics”and my personal favorite, “No Dumb Questions, just Dumb People,” they break down every game from the NFL week, including their own, through their unique perspective as professionals viewing their own craft. 

In “No Dumb Questions, Just Dumb People,” they take one or two fan-asked questions, and break them down. Typically it consists of questions like which brother would be better at each other’s position, or if the worst NFL team could beat the greatest college football team. Their most popular segment, “New News,” is how they lead off every episode. 

The effort put in is impressive, with backgrounds and gear in their setup. They make sure to not just give a good audio experience, but a visually pleasing video podcast. Another standout feature is the consistent incorporation of humor throughout the episodes, exemplified by the siblings’ banter and exchanges during the podcast. While maintaining professionalism, these interactions foster a relatable atmosphere that makes the content accessible to both avid sports enthusiasts and casual listeners alike.

If you are a fan of football, sports media or even just need something going on in the background, you should look forward every week to the new addition of the show. The brothers have been able to post a new episode nearly every single Thursday since premiering the show this past season. They meet up every day off to film, putting in hours on scene and behind the scenes to improve their show.

You cannot have a consistently entertaining podcast without guests. That’s perhaps the most compelling element of New Heights – its emphasis on interviewees. Current stars like San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy and retired stars like former Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski have come onto the platform. Hearing the discussions between these players after they have ruined the brothers’ Super Bowl hopes or even beaten them in the Super Bowl, is amazing. It’s entertaining seeing them look back on certain plays, coaches and players on both teams.

Both of the siblings are “sunsetting” in their playing careers, with both of them being well over 30 years old respectively. Hopefully the show continues to air, but in which direction? Will it head towards the “Manning Cast” direction, with them maybe calling games together whilst still providing their own criteria? Will they continue doing what is working, or will they end the show entirely? 

New Heights stands out among sports-themed podcasts due to its distinct features. Its success is largely attributed to the dynamic chemistry shared between Jason and Travis, whose camaraderie creates an enjoyable listening experience. Overall, New Heights serves as an excellent resource for anyone seeking informative yet lighthearted conversations surrounding America’s favorite sport.

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