15 things I wish I could tell my middle-school self


Ahh middle school, that holding tank of seething hormones and existential angst, where everyone thinks they know who they are and no one really has any clue what they are doing. Has anyone in history gazed off into the distance with a nostalgic sigh and said “middle school was the best time in my life?” I’d wager that answer’s a no. In fact, it’s an almost universal truth that middle school is somewhat awful for everyone, no matter how well-adjusted they may be, and I was no exception. So if anyone reading this invents time travel one day, I’d appreciate it if you’d slip this into little Georgina’s locker sometime in August of 2009.

6th Grade

1) Sing and draw and write things. Not everything you do has to be perfect.

2) Not wearing makeup or being up on pop-culture does not make you more enlightened than those who do. Get over yourself.

3) Your default outfit should not be your mom’s old skirt over fuchsia sweatpants, neon knee-socks and a ratty t-shirt with a paisley silk headband.

4) Don’t be so diplomatic. It’s OK to have your own opinions and desires.

5) Don’t worry so much about what others think. Do what makes you happy and be yourself.


7th Grade

1) Your grades and your appearance do not determine your worth.

2) You cannot please everybody. Stop trying.

3) Eating and sleeping are not optional activities.

4) Stoicism is not the same as strength, and sadness is not weakness.

5) Reach out. You don’t have to be alone.


8th Grade

1) Friendships don’t sustain themselves and you can’t expect other people to make all the effort.

2) Relax a little. Your future doesn’t depend on making all A’s in middle school for Pete’s sake.

3) Denial isn’t going to make your problems go away. Neither is lying.

4) Let go of shame. It can only hurt you.

5) Your favorite characters in fiction are always the flawed ones. Apply the same empathy, acceptance and understanding to yourself.

PS: Ignore this list. Everything you had to learn the hard way made you who I am today. So hang in there little me.