It’s ‘Loki’ a pretty good show

“Loki” season 2 stuns Marvel Fan

It’s no surprise that Disney+ has sent the Marvel universe downhill, tainting the MCU’s reputation. With the recent productions of “Thor: Love and Thunder,” “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” and other Marvel films rating very low on the Rotten Tomato scale, the new Marvel phase has many fans upset, including myself. However, Disney+ is coming back with the production of the second season of the beloved show: “Loki.”

The start of the second season is straight to the point, immediately jumping in where the first season left off. Although only the first three episodes have been released, due to Disney+’s decision of releasing a new episode weekly, they set the foundation of the plot for the rest of the season. It provided many ideas and plot changing concepts that left its audience shocked with yet another cliffhanger. 

The first episode shows Loki time slipping and the struggles and consequences that come with that. They discover many underlying truths about the TVA and learn to cope with the consequences from the last season, such as the fakeness of the time variants. A new character is introduced, O.B., played by Oscar winner Ke Huy Quan. O.B. plays a big part in explaining the foundation of the TVA and how they are able to regulate time. It also introduces the effects of Kang, the show’s main villain, and presents his overwhelming and fearful power as a tyrant. The first episode has a post-credit end scene that foreshadows upcoming episodes which will be released weekly on Thursdays, with the fourth episode releasing Oct. 26. 

The episodes are very entertaining with an action packed storyline and a sprinkle of humor, keeping its audience engaged. As a Marvel fan, I understand the high expectations of fans for the MCU to deliver as well as it has in the past. “Loki” S2 has fulfilled my expectations so far and has me, and I’m sure others, looking forward to the rest of the show. 

Since the Disney+ era, the CGI of the MCU has had its ups and downs, with “Loki” being a definite up. The CGI of this show was incredible in the first season, reflecting a beautiful concept of an alternate universe based around time. Season two continues to have a realistic, astronomy-like effect to its setting. The show painted a beautiful picture of the TVA (the show’s main setting) and its concept of time. 

Although, since “Loki” is about the concept of time, it can be very confusing when the show tries to demonstrate this concept to the audience. Within the season there are many transitions from the past, to the present, to the future which I found hard to follow.  But besides that, Marvel does a great job of characterizing Loki and his variants (copies of himself from different multiverses) which makes up for the confusing universe. 

The show is expected to be a fulfillment for many cliffhangers of different movies in the MCU. Since the introduction of Kang in S1 and his variants in “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” MCU fans have been looking forward to this new villain. “Loki” S2 did a great job of portraying the seriousness and evil power of this villain, with Tom Hiddleston portraying Loki’s fear realistically. Hiddleston has taken on the role of Loki since 2011, and is back in the second season of the show with the villainous attitude and charm he has always brought to the role. 

Overall, I thought “Loki” S2’s first three episodes were a thrilling, nerve-wracking introduction of the season and has made me very excited for the upcoming episodes. It definitely is a must watch in the Marvel universe. 

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