Don’t Stop The Music: Rihanna Exceeds Expectations with Superbowl Performance


The 2023 Superbowl halftime show, performed by Rihanna, was quite the debut. 

Rihanna made her long-awaited reappearance at the halftime show to perform her most beloved songs. The singer, who had last toured in 2011, made her debut at the show, exciting American fans. Personally, I thought the show was everything it should’ve– and could’ve– been. Rihanna enthrallingly captured fans with some of her top hits like Umbrella and Diamonds. 

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room though: Rihanna’s second pregnancy. Rihanna welcomed her baby in May of 2022, becoming a first-time mom. Only 9 months after her first baby, she subtly announced her second pregnancy up on stage, showing her bump through her jacket. Fans, myself included, were shocked to learn that she was pregnant once again. Yet some viewers believed she could have done a better job, making the show more wow-worthy. Some believed it lacked enthusiasm and emotion. For being pregnant and performing at the Super Bowl, she did extremely well in my opinion. 

The show itself was exciting and fun; she sang all of her main hits and was dancing along with her backup dancers. The stage where she was waltzing around moved vertically, taking her up into the air when the most well-known songs came on, making for an exhilarating event. Her backup dancers did a great job keeping up with her and adapting to her every move. Queen Riri also added her own spark to some of her choreography, growling at the camera and swaying here and there. 

The performance started with one of her most popular songs B**** Better Have My Money, and continued on to a mashup of the best parts of her most popular tracks. She gracefully wrapped the show up with Umbrella and Diamonds, as fireworks were going off. Style-wise, she wore an all-red jumpsuit, complete with baggy sleeves and an even baggier coat to go over it, slightly covering up her bump. 

Being a true pop icon of our time, viewers must remember that Rihanna doesn’t need to appeal to everyone, just do what she feels is right. Rihanna came and conquered, in the best way possible.