Westlake JV women’s basketball team beats Del Valle

The Westlake JV women’s basketball team defeated Del Valle Dec. 9 at Del Valle High School. The team played a dedicated and challenging game with many rough patches however, they stayed in the lead the entire time. 

“We played really hard,” sophomore Kristen Burns said. “We’ve got a lot to improve on by the end of [the] season.” 

Kristen played an excellent game , stayed in the majority of the time and had strong determination throughout. Sophomore Reagan Castleberry played rough and good defense. She got many rebounds and blocked many opposing players. The team in whole kept Del Valle from scoring as best they could and that allowed for their victory

“We were faster than them and I feel like [we] got a lot of rebounds, ” Sophomore Ryan Williams said.

The team was quick which allowed them to score easier than Del Valle. They were very quick with their rebounds and were precise with many of their 3 point shoots. 

“I’m proud of everyone on this team,” Kristen said.

The team was very supportive of each other and worked very well as a team. Overall the team had excellent chemistry and drive. Their skill and determination to win helped them a lot to win the victory over Del Valle.