Student reflects on Drake’s new album

This past Thursday on November 4th, Drake and 21 Savage dropped their much anticipated first collaborative album Her Loss. The two have been friends for over six years, releasing only two collaborative songs during that time, Knife Talk and Sneakin. The album is Drake’s second studio album of the year, and in my opinion it’s an improvement from his last album, Honestly Nevermind. Honestly Nevermind had many similarities with patterns and beats like Certified Lover Boy, another album with mixed reviews.

Overall, the album has great flow and amazing beats, but reviews from critics are very mixed. The album has been labeled as a “miss” for Drake. Critics have a point as the elements are similar, such as the flow and song style. Furthermore, both albums have a comparable mix of hardcore and chill songs, which is probably why many critics have negative reviews of this album. In my opinion, the first five songs carry the album solely because of the flow. After song five, the following songs are repetitive to each other, and are lyrically dull.

Towards the end of the album, Drake really dominated the songs compared to 21 Savage resulting in an imbalanced album despite being a collaboration. On the album, Drake has four solo songs while 21 Savage only has one. In the future, I think Drake needs to balance his flow with 21 Savage in future collaborative projects.

My favorite song of the album has to be Broke Boys or On BS, two songs with exceptional flow as well as cadence. My least favorite song goes to Middle of the Ocean, which is basically Drake telling one of his fake sob stories.Overall as an artist, Drake has come a long way from his first album So Far Gone and has made many exemplary albums such as Views throughout his career. In the future, I think he should spend more time focusing on releasing fewer albums with higher quality instead of releasing smaller albums throughout the year. This could stimulate more hype for his albums and generate more listeners. Ultimately, I’d say this album receives a 6/10 rating because of its boring and predictable tracks.