Jets Upset Bills

This past Sunday- in one of their biggest games in a decade- the New York Jets shocked the world when they defeated the star-studded Buffalo Bills 20-17. A strong defensive performance and consistent run game from the New York Jets helped them move past one of the most dominant fronts in the league and improve to 6-3, completely changing the narrative that once surrounded the struggling team. It’s obvious that a new era has sprung in the big apple. 

After watching the Jets’ poor performance versus the Patriots last week, no one expected New York to come out strong with their backs against the wall. During arguably the worst game of his young career, Zach Wilson threw 2 touchdowns and 3 wild interceptions that ultimately caused the Jets to beat themselves. The defense held up well the entire game, but constant mistakes and boneheaded plays by Wilson made it impossible for the Jets to keep up. Subsequent to this discouraging loss, fans and NFL analysts alike expressed outrage with Wilson’s performance, and many were even ready to give up on him completely. 

But as soon as the game versus the Bills began, it was visible that Wilson was ready to redeem himself and prove that he deserved to be a number two overall pick. He looked comfortable in the pocket, stepped up into open space instead of bailing out, and avoided his usual hero-ball antics. It seems that he realized that with the support of an elite defense, he doesn’t need to force the ball and have an explosive play in every possible situation. His patience and conservative playstyle during the game kept the Jets in a strong position throughout all 4 quarters. 

Beyond Wilson’s impressive performance, the Jets defense locked down every aspect of the high powered Buffalo Bills offense. Constant pressure from the Jets dominant front four made it very difficult for Josh Allen to navigate the field, forcing him to throw 2 out of character interceptions, one to Jordan Whitehead and the other to star CB Sauce Gardner. Speaking of the DBs, Sauce Gardner and D.J. Reed held their ground against one of the best passing attacks in the league, locking down both Stefon Diggs and Gabriel Davis (besides a blown coverage on the first pass). Even more impactful, the Jets managed to force 2 fumbles out of Allen, one being at the very end to essentially close the game. Allen’s final throw, a 70 yard bomb to Gabriel Davis, was defended by Gardner to seal the victory. 

The “same old jets” no longer exist. After years of miserable play and consistent losing seasons, it seems that the Jets have finally found a spark. With one of the youngest yet most determined teams in the league, the present and future is extremely bright in New York. Successful performances against top teams in the NFL such as the Bills proves the sky’s the limit for these youthful Jets.