Stuff We Like: Parking


It’s the beginning of the new school year, and finally, finally you have a parking spot, the rarest and most valuable thing on the planet for a Westlake student. You’re ecstatic that you can finally show off that new Jeep you begged your parents for, or maybe just your mom’s Tesla. Either one works. You get through traffic, navigating your way through the parking lot to find your spot, and —

Why is that car halfway over the line?!?! Wow, there are some incredible drivers here on campus! They must have aced their drivers test, because not only did they do the best parking job you’ve ever seen, they also did the favor of taking up half your spot. And to make things better, cars are lining up behind you waiting for you to move as you process the unthinkable. Now, you have no choice but to sulk over to the gravel parking lot, all while it dawns on you that you’ll be stuck with the same bad driver as your parking spot neighbor all year. Might as well give up on your parking pass now to whatever hungry junior eyeing it.