Lunar eclipse visible across continents tomorrow


Credits to ESA

On Tuesday Nov 8, a lunar eclipse will occur in the night sky visible across North, Central, and parts of South America. According to NASA, such an event happens when a full moon is aligned with the Earth and sun and falls in the Earth’s shadow. This doesn’t happen all the time because the moon’s orbit is on an angle, therefore full moons can end up above or below the Earth’s line of sight. These moons are famously called “blood moons” and carry connotations throughout history. Many cultures believe blood moons foreshadow disasters, times of war, or even the blooming of flowers. Regardless, lunar eclipses are nothing to fear.

This lunar eclipse will only be visible in the Austin area from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. Definitely not convenient on a school night/morning, though the next lunar eclipse will occur March 14, 2025. If you do decide to check out this celestial event, make sure to stay safe!