Fall Movie Review

While some films entertain and thrill the audience, others can drag on the film for hours on end. Fall, directed by Scott Mann, is a thriller/survival film that will have the audience at the edge of their seats like never before. The film is based around two best friends, Becky and Hunter, who have always loved pushing their limits by climbing to extreme heights- in this case, climbing to the top of a 2,000 ft radio tower. As they reach the top, their luck tumbles to the ground below them, leaving them stranded with limited supplies but intelligent survival skills. Despite my expectations that the movie would be like any other thriller, Fall had me hiding in my seat. With a combination of subtle jump scares and chilling scenery, the film leaves the audience in constant fear for the worst. 

The creators of Fall are also credited for their work on 47 meters down. The concept used in 47 meters down is very similar to the one in this movie: both portray a group of people stranded either underwater or in the air. The writers understood the exact amount of thrill that this film needed, and I feel like they conveyed that concept almost immediately. 

Throughout the movie, the theater slowly felt darker and more consuming, primarily thanks to the amazing cinematography for almost every scene building up to the end. There were some points where the camera angles would be as if you were about to slip off the radio tower. That combined with the graphics and editing of how high the tower was in the air quickly set an uneasy feeling in my gut. 

The only parts of Fall that threw me off were the small parts of acting where you could tell that the actors either weren’t projecting the correct emotion on screen or not projecting any emotion at all, and there were also a couple of moments where it seemed like the crew rushed through a plotline to jump to another. However, this was a rarity as there were only small parts of a couple of scenes that didn’t feel like they connected the same as others because of how the script was approached by the actors themselves. Other than those complications, I found the movie to be very interesting. The way the film flows through completely different plotlines smoothly and still ties them all together at the end amazes me. 

Overall, I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes thriller/suspense films. It is worth watching and the feeling as you walk out of the movie theater is like no other. I have never felt as taken aback and felt as though my head was spinning as much as in that moment in time. I would rate this movie a 4.6 out of 5 just because there were so many great key points throughout the writing, cinematography, and acting that made the movie as amazing as it was. I took those .4 points off because of some of the points in the film that felt blocky or rushed. I find it to be one of the most intriguing films I have ever seen.