Amanda Seyfried’s Incredible Performance in The Dropout


Hulu TV show, The Dropout, recently won an Emmy for Amanda Seyfried’s outstanding performance. The show is based on female CEO Elizabeth Holmes, who started the medical company, Theranos. 

Seyfried’s performance was nothing short of incredible. The real life medical icon Elizabeth Holmes went through many adjustments such as forcing her voice deeper and changing her style. Seyfried not only mimicked those changes through her physical appearance but also demonstrated them through her portrayal of Elizabeth’s attitude and behavior. The way that Seyfried portrays the character forms a deep connection that also may be somewhat relatable to the audience.  

The TV show was overall very emotional and surprising with many different complex decisions and antagonistic events. The plot consisted of many twists and turns all based on the  events of Theranos, which makes the show all more shopping. 

Her dedication and determination made me feel a deep connection with Holmes. Seyfried’s portrayal of the character included a strong determined woman struggling to survive in a powerhouse of men. This display of women empowerment connected to me,and I’m sure many other women, on how it can be harder and a struggle for women to succeed in the workforce. 

When Elizabeth Holmes changes her looks, voice, and attitude, Seyfried captures that in her performance. Throughout the show Elizabteh Holmes transitions from a student with ambition to a ruthless CEO that will do anything to keep her company alive. She changes her attitude and motivation towards people and her company both in the show and in reality. Seyfried not only demonstrates Holmes’ changes in her physical appearance on the show but through her emotional acting.

The Dropout’s historical accuracy and interesting plot drew me in through the emotions of the relatableness of the show. Amanda Syefried shows Elizabeth’s Holme’s ambition and regret through her incredible performance throughout the show. Overall I would give the show 4 out of 5 stars for it’s incredible acting and suspenseful plot.