Westlake Freshman Volleyball Defeats Dripping Springs High School

Westlake Highschool Freshman volleyball defeated Dripping Springs Highschool September 13 at 6:30 pm at Westlake High School. They won two out of the three sets played, defeating Dripping Springs.

“I think communication is a really important concept [in winning]” freshman middle position player Simone Dudley said.

Dudley’s and many other members’ efforts went into securing their victory. The game started off exemplary with an immediate streak of 4 points and only one non-viable serve throughout the entirety of the first set. Freshman player Abigail Kaufman contributed heavily to their victory with her strong and precise serves. 

 “Staying motivated and staying in the game just really helps our team win,” Simone said.

The team has a very strong connection and motivation with each other. Throughout the game they repeatedly cheered and motivated one another with their uplifting energy and continuous celebrations on the court and sidelines. The second set started off rough but in Westlake’s favor with Simone hitting the ball for Westlake’s first point. Westlake kept the lead throughout the entire set and encouraged their win with freshman player Elise Fagan’s ace serve, gaining them their 24th point. They secured their win when freshman Blakeley Miller tipped the ball past Dripping Spring’ defense. 

“[The] understanding of each other [helps us] be more confident in the way we play” Dudley said.

Overall, Westlake played a great game with staying in the lead the entirety of the time. Their next game will be at Westlake Highschool Sept.r 23 at 6:30pm against Lake Travis.