April Fools: the grandest of holidays

As you wake up on a spring Friday, ready for the week to be over. You walk out of your bedroom door, prepared to start your day, and BAM, a party popper attached to the door scares your soul into shambles. You slowly realize that it’s everyone’s favorite holiday, where everybody chooses the first day of quite possibly the most random month possible to prank each other with all their might. After pouring salt in your coffee and realizing that your socks are completely mismatched, you walk outside and realize your car is gone. Another wonderful addition to an already splendid April Fool’s day!

As you walk to school in a happy, cheerful mood generated from this, you may catch a stray thought about why this is a holiday, and what is celebratory about it? Truth is, that the origins are scattered, but boy, I’m glad we have this festive joy to look forward to every year.

We all know the feeling of a sly teacher attempting to fool the class with a supposed pop quiz, even though they aren’t even really given out anymore. You proceed through your day, knowing you can’t take any so-called news on your phone seriously. And just as quick as it came, the holiday that stemmed out of nothing into a worldwide masterpiece slowly comes to a close with everybody participating in these celebrations in wonderful moods.