Sophomore recounts wonderful joys of Valentine’s Day

Sophomore recounts wonderful joys of Valentines Day

After January, the most boring month of the year, we’re met with Valentine’s Day – everyone’s favorite holiday! We all know that people who prefer Christmas or Halloween are just lying to themselves, and they just don’t know how to appreciate a true holiday.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Valentine’s Day is all about sharing time with your significant other because people making out on a normal day in public isn’t enough already – we need a special day to show our appreciation of PDA. The whole world needs to know about your relationship, right? If all of your Instagram followers don’t know about your girlfriend or boyfriend, does the relationship even exist? Who cares about actually developing a supportive, deep and loving bond? It’s all about showing off to the world that you managed to get a boyfriend.

Some think that Valentine’s Day is “just a marketing campaign” meant to fill rich people’s wallets and fulfill their capitalistic tendencies. Though, you could argue that for every major holiday in the United States. They already lost their original reason for becoming a holiday in the first place, and have become more of a way to sell and promote more goods. But we’re talking about Valentine’s Day, how could they profit off such a meaningful and loving holiday? And besides, questioning things is overrated, so I’m just going to skip that entire point. Who needs complaining when you can get cheap chocolate the day after?

I think the worst thing about Valentine’s Day are the people who constantly complain about it – the ones who take on an extra personality trait in the month of February. You know who I’m talking about: the people who cry about being alone, or the ones complaining that “Valentine’s Day is just meant to sell stuff.” It only shows that they can’t get anybody to date them, so they clearly shouldn’t be talking about the subject. There’s even some who take it too far, like somebody who wrote an entire satirical article to show their disdain for the holiday, not that I’m going to name anybody.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! This day only comes once a year, so you have to spend it well. Feel free to watch all of your favorite cheesy romance movies, load up on overpriced and fun-shaped chocolates you bought or treat yourself at a crowded fancy restaurant with your date.