Worship experience brings students closer to faith

Many families of Westlake gather together on blankets and lawn chairs in the middle of a filled Chaparral Stadium. The field is crowded with students, parents, and coaches, all experiencing a night filled with prayer together. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes club hosted an event on October 20 at 7p.m. This occasion, called Fields of Faith, was the club’s way of putting on a special event to bring together Westlake’s Christian community to reflect on faith by listening to student testimonies, music, and a sermon. I had the opportunity to attend with my family and a couple of my close friends. I really enjoyed the evening and left feeling uplifted. 

Five student members of FCA spoke, representing Westlake and Hill Country Middle School. The speakers all shared stories about their faith journey and love for God. Audrey Wong, the first speaker, was particularly well-spoken. She explained that sometimes one can get so caught up in tests, competing, and school, and can just forget that God should be our main focus. It is important for us as high school students to remember that even though school can be daunting, God will continue to support us. I think her message was an important reminder and forced us to reflect on how we might be pushing God aside for homework or extracurriculars.

Cade Klubnik also shared his testimony and spoke of the recent loss of former teammate Jackson Coker, who passed away in a car crash earlier this year. Klubnik said the tragic loss of his friend has brought him closer to God. Though the accident was tragic, some individuals in the community have become religious in wake of Coker’s death. Klubnik spoke passionately of Coker’s inspiring faith, and how he devoted his life to living the teachings of the Bible every day. 

An impressive worship band composed of students performed several Christian contemporary songs. The list included Reckless Love by Cory Ashbury and Build My Life by Pat Barrett among others. I was most impressed by the fact that the student band had met up just that afternoon to practice and had a whole show together by the evening.

Fields of Faith was a free event, due to the club’s belief that all individuals who want to, should be able to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Attendees were, however, requested to contribute canned food at the event that was later donated to Caritas of Austin. Over 100 cans were collected at the event. FCA shirts were given away to the first 500 attendees —— the shirts were gone before the event even started. 

The FCA club sponsor, English 2 Pre-AP teacher Jeff Montgomery, has taught at Westlake for over 20 years. He does not have an exact date as to when the club began, but it had been offered before he arrived. FCA as an organization was founded in 1954 in Norman, Oklahoma. It is beautiful that Westlake has the opportunity to be a branch of this organization that has been touching lives for years.

Overall Fields of Faith had a successful turnout, and was an inspiring experience for all students and families in attendance. The club members have said that they wish to make Fields of Faith an annual event. This was their first year holding the event at the Chaparral Stadium. 

Before I attended, I felt like my religious community existed only within my family and church congregation. After this FCA event however, I felt very inspired realizing that the number of students like me that love God far outnumbered what I had assumed before.