The Chosen brings meaning to timeless stories

“The Chosen” is a vibrant, colorful show that brings the story of the Bible to life. However, this is not a show only for Christians. Whether you’re a believer in Christ, another religion, or an atheist, there is something for everyone in this show. “The Chosen” provides beautiful explanations and background for some of the greatest stories ever told. From life-long Christians to people who are simply curious about the teachings of Jesus, everyone will be entertained and educated.

The multi-season TV show, “The Chosen”, is about the miracles of Jesus, with a specific focus on how and why Jesus chose each of his disciples. The show gives background on the life of each disciple and their relationship with Jesus. Since Jesus picked each of his disciples for an important role and purpose, each disciple in the show is unique and imaginatively portrayed.

Though the events in the Gospels are very detailed, “The Chosen” focuses more on bringing to life each individual person. This makes God-like figures from the Bible seem surprisingly relatable, though we often think of them being so distant from ourselves. After losing his job, Nathaniel (one of the 12 disciples) felt abandoned, lonely, and forsaken by God. His career as an architect was ruined, and he doubted that there was anything else he could do with his life. Jesus however, picked him up and used him for a different purpose as his follower. Nathaniel’s fear is one of many instances in the show that make Bible characters feel relatable.  

The Gospels focus mostly on the life of Jesus and his lineage. “The Chosen” does this while also telling the stories of the disciples. Even though they are chosen by Jesus to build his church, the disciples are normal people and struggle just as we do. Simon (Peter), who Jesus picked as the rock upon which to build the church, struggles to forgive and recognize when he is wrong. Thomas, who accompanies Jesus and witnesses his miracles every day, still has a hard time developing a strong faith and remains skeptical. It isn’t easy for Matthew to make friends or get along with his family, but Jesus saw his incredible intelligence and chose him to help write the Sermon on the Mount, the most important sermon He ever made. 

Not only is each individual character showcased authentically, but their relationships with Jesus and each other are truly inspiring. The way Jesus loves every man, woman, and child infinitely despite their faults is truly moving. In fact, I cried a couple times throughout the show because I was so touched by the way he forgives over and over again.

 Especially emotional was Jesus’ friendship with Mary Magdalene. Even though she falls into a life of gambling and drinking multiple times, he saves her. Whether you believe in Jesus or not, “The Chosen” is a story about humanity and empathy, not just The Bible. 

The actor portraying Jesus, Jonathan Roumie, did a stellar job in what may have been an intimidating role. Since Jesus is a character of massive historical significance, a lot of weight falls on Roumie’s shoulders to carry the show in some aspects. Roumie has said that playing Jesus has made him a better person and has been the experience of a lifetime. I really enjoyed how Roumie revealed the humble yet miraculous life of Jesus in his portrayal. He geniously exhibited Jesus’ nomadic life as a carpenter balanced with his glory and power as a miracle worker. Even with just a few words or glance, he could show the true love and care Jesus had for everyone on Earth. 

“The Chosen” is currently available on a free app called, The Chosen, where you can stream seasons one and two for free. More seasons are in the making. Dallas Jenkins, creator of “The Chosen”, has made it clear that the show is not a replacement for scripture, but rather strives to enhance personal learning and understanding of faith. The only critique I would have for the show is that the first couple episodes are a little slow to get into. After that however, the story quickly picks up and becomes very interesting. I think that whether religious or not, everybody has something to learn from “The Chosen”. In my opinion, it is a beautiful retelling of the greatest story ever told. I believe that “The Chosen” will inspire people to be kinder in their lives and appreciate the miracles all around them.