Student reviews Frozen II

After its record-breaking box office sales in 2013, “Frozen” changed the Disney princess world forever due to the fact that it focused more on familial bonds than finding a prince. Frozen’s popularity has reached heights not even the directors had foreseen, causing them to decide to make a “Frozen II”, which was released six years after the first.

One of the many reasons the second movie took so long to make was because the screenwriters wanted to make sure that the second movie had an actual plot line. It was a huge gamble for Disney because disney princess sequels had never been even half as well received as the first. “Frozen II” proved to be different after achieving the biggest opening weekend in earnings of all time for an animated movie and making about double what “Frozen” had made in opening week.

“Frozen II” follows sisters Anna and Elsa as they work together to figure out what strange magic Elsa has awoken and how to save their kingdom from destruction. It is set in the fall, where the weather isn’t the only thing changing. “Frozen II” teaches the importance of self-discovery and how one must keep going, even when they think they’ve lost everything. 

All of our beloved main characters face new personal issues. Kristoff, Anna’s boyfriend, questions his importance in Ana’s life after several failed marriage proposals. Olaf, the talking snowman, is unsure how to deal with growing up and constantly questions his every action, unable to be the free loving snowman he was in the first movie. Ana is terrified of what would happen if she left Elsa alone and therefore refuses to let her out of her sight. Elsa faces the biggest challenge of all: herself. 

I thought the movie was amazing. The songs were unable to reach the magnificence of the first, but they were still good. The storyline was flawless and the new characters, such as a gust of wind named Gale and a little fire salamander called Bruni, made the story much different than the first. Disney did not make its usual mistake of either making their princess sequels too similar or too different than the first (i.e. “The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea”, “Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World”, etc.).

My favorite part of “Frozen II” was that it stayed true to keeping an excess of prince characters out of the picture, and instead focused on family bonds. I would be the first in line if Disney decides to create a “Frozen III”.