Rambo: The Last Blood

If you’re into violent action movies, I would highly recommend the movie Rambo: Last Blood (2019). I thought it was a great movie because there were many intense scenes in it and it always had you wondering what would happen next. Rambo was a very good fighter who was a green beret in his past which made him super smart and tough by getting out of countless situations where he easily could have been killed. Even though Rambo was a fighter, he took care of his niece her whole life because her Dad stopped caring for her, I think he was a terrible person. One day she decided to go to Mexico to meet her Dad for the first time, it didn’t turn out too well because he told her he doesn’t care for her at all.

She then went with a friend to a party afterwards at a bar to feel better but then she got drugged and taken away by traffickers. Her uncle, Rambo,  found out and went into survival mode to go save her and stop the traffickers. Rambo, the main character, was obviously my favorite character because he was trying to save the day all of the time. My least favorite characters by far were the Martinez brothers, because they lead all of the trafficking. They don’t care about anyone except their self pleasures. 

I definitely rate this movie a 5/5 because it is very exciting and it has you wondering what will happen next. There are some disturbing parts in it, but it is still a great movie and people that love action would definitely want to see this movie. Sylvester Stallone plays Rambo who played in The Rocky movies as Rocky and people love him because he’s such a dedicated fighter. There are some sad parts in this movie,  but in the end things are well like most action movies. Most people would definitely love this movie because of the action.