ACL 2019

ACL 2019 had some nice surprises, yet some major let downs. Let us start with Lil Uzi Vert. During the weekend one shows, he cancelled his performance less than 24 hours before he was set to be on stage. It was a substantial disappointment and it almost seems like mister Uzi was not dedicated to his fans. However he did show up for weekend two, but it still does not make up for his absence weekend one.

By far the most impressive performance was made by Tame Impala. Kevin Parker and his ensemble had an exceptional visual light show, and perfect mix for the Honda stage speakers. It was truly the concert to remember, in fact, that performance made ACL worthwhile. The set list was also perfect for the ACL mood. I would say that Tame Impala really showed what ACL is all about.

ACL had some other fun shows such as Childish Gambino, he set the whole crowd in an immersive groove with his high production quality, showmanship, and talent with his live performers. 21 Savage, to say the least, was rather chaotic, but people knew what they were getting into when they went, and that’s exactly what they wanted. Shoes and glasses were flying up into the air, drinks were being thrown deeper into the crowd, only to be returned back and hitting someone else. Overall, I rate ACL 2019 a 8.5/10. Definitely worth your time, it held shows of every genre.