Varsity football dismisses Hays with clinical offensive performance

Head coach Todd Dodge emphasizes respect for the opposition in every game, and Hays certainly demanded such, coming into the Friday-night matchup 8-0 on the season. Despite the Rebels’ run of good form, their unorthodox offensive scheme and the sub-50 degree weather throwing the teams off, Westlake took care of business with a 65-7 win. 

“This is a tough team to prepare for because of the slot-T [formation],” Dodge said. “You only see it probably once a year. I’m so proud of our defense the way we played. I’m really glad our players listened to the things that were going on inside the fieldhouse and not outside of it. Some people may say, ‘Oh, we beat Hays this many years in a row,’ and all that, but our kids don’t listen to that.”

Quarterback senior Kirkland Michaux quickly bounced back from his concussion and put on an offensive clinic, passing for 270 yards and scoring 5 touchdowns total. The Chap offense was too much to handle, initially attacking in the air, and towards the end of the game running the ball strong thanks to running back junior Zane Minors 3 rushing touchdowns.

“I’m really pleased that all my guys around me helped me out,” Michaux said. “To get back on the right page was good.”

The Chaps have proved their immense depth on both sides of the ball throughout the season by continually performing late into games, and this was very much so the case against Hays. 

“We’re becoming harder to defend because of our personnel,” Dodge said. “We’re spreading the ball around to a lot of different people. Kirkland has been around here for a long time. He’s been in the quarterback room since he was a freshman. He’s played in some big games, and he played really well tonight.”

With the playoffs looming, the team isn’t willing to overlook their last two opponents. Westlake faces Anderson back at home next Friday Nov. 1, then finishes the season at Burger Stadium against Bowie Friday Nov. 8. 

“We still have the last two regular season games,” Michaux said. “We’re not gonna look past those, but we are definitely looking forward to the playoffs.”