Varsity football wins high-scoring Homecoming game against Del Valle


Scarlett Milling

During Westlake high School’s Homecoming game, freshman Jaden Greathouse is about to be tackled by a Del Valle Cardinal into the endzone. Greathouse is the only freshman on the varsity team.

It was a special night for the whole of Westlake High School, the homecoming game in the 50th year of the school’s existence. Alumni returned from all walks of life to attend the game, some playing in the band, some dancing with Hyline. The football game which accompanied all of the festivities was the highest-scoring game of the Chaps’ season so far, a 69-31 win over Del Valle.  

“We feel blessed that it fell on us, the 2019 team, to represent the legacy of Westlake on the 50-year anniversary,” head coach Todd Dodge said. “We wanted to put on a good showing tonight.”

On Wednesday, the first ever athletic director and football head coach at Westlake, Ken Dabbs, passed away. To honor him, the team put stickers recognizing him on every player’s helmet for the game. 

“We lost someone dear to us,” Dodge said. “I’ve known him since I was 17 years old. We dedicate our efforts tonight and for the rest of the season to him.”

Despite the lopsided scoreline, Del Valle put up quite the fight, scoring more points than any other team had on the Chaps this season. Led by their explosive receivers, the Cardinals offense managed to make long drives throughout the game, even as they fell more and more behind.  

“My hats off to [Del Valle],” Dodge said. “They never stopped fighting. [They’re] going in the right direction.”

In his second game back from injury, receiver senior Jackson Coker was taking snaps at running back, even scoring on a 60-yard run in the third quarter.

“They’ve been working me in at different positions,” Jackson said. “We have a lot of really skilled guys, so it’s hard to give everyone a position. It felt really good to score for the team.”

Now 6-1, the Chaps will face undefeated Hays next Friday, looking to secure second place in District play.