Presidential candidate Joe Sestak concludes his walk across New Hampshire, still miles away from making debate stage


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Since Oct. 13, democratic presidential candidate Joe Sestak has been walking across New Hampshire to raise awareness for his campaign. Today, Oct. 20, marks the end of this 105 mile trek. His hope for the walk was to meet people from all different backgrounds and communities and hear their opinions on various issues. 

In a video posted on his Twitter account today, Sestak shared his thoughts upon completing his walk. He described the journey as “delightful” and placed an emphasis on respecting veterans and all people “across the political spectrum.” Sestak believes that restoring unity to America can only be done with “accountable leadership” in the White House.  

As for policy, the former 3-star admiral focuses on the idea of creating affordable health care for everyone. Sestak has failed to make the debate stage yet, and even though his campaign strategy is unique, he has not gained any traction. In my opinion, it is very unlikely that he ever will. With 19 democratic candidates, only the 12 from the fourth debate have any real following in the polls. Candidates like Wayne Messam, Michael Bennet, John Delaney, Tim Ryan and Marianne Williamson have fallen almost completely out of the public eye. 

While Sestak’s walk was surely a personal touch for many New Hampshirites, you have to wonder if it will have any actual large-scale effect. To me, it seems that if you aren’t already well known at this point, it will be very difficult to catch up with the front-running candidates like Warren and Biden. 

Since the last debate, the polling order of candidates has stayed fairly the same. Prior to the debate, Biden was lagging behind Warren for the first time ever by four points. This is most likely because his credibility was challenged by President Trump during the week in which Nancy Pelosi called for an impeachment inquiry. However, Biden seems to have restored his credibility in the fourth debate, as seen in a poll conducted by Politico and Morning Consult Oct. 16, which showed Biden rising above Warren again to claim the top spot by ten points.

With such high competition already, it seems unlikely that any new candidates will be able to even come close to a threat to the top three (Biden, Warren and Sanders). It will be a long walk for Sestak before he would even be considered for the democratic debate stage and it will be interesting to see how the order of candidates shifts as the campaign trail progresses.