Who is Bill Weld, the Republican challenging Trump?

Welcome back to my political column tracking the 2020 Presidential Election. Last week, I released a list of all 24 Democratic candidates and the solutions they provide for issues such as immigration, gun reform and abortion prior to the First Democratic Presidential Debate. You can find that story here. This week, I’ll cover Bill Weld, the 2020 Republican candidate challenging President Trump. While Weld has failed to gain any real following in the campaign, he has called for a debate against Trump. There has been no news of when or if that debate will occur. 

Compared to many Republicans, Weld is more liberal. Weld is a former two-term governor of Massachusetts, Assistant U.S. Attorney General and staff member in the House of Representatives during the Watergate scandal. He led the Republican party in accepting people of the LGBTQ+ movement. He opposes Trump’s immigration process, and wants to reform the documentation system. He also respects abortion and the Second Amendment as constitutional rights. On the issue of health care, he supports an increase in Medicaid access. He is fiscally conservative, and as president he would cut government spending and taxes. In terms of foreign relations, he wants to stay out of wars in other countries but have closer ties with both Canada and Mexico. He has come under fire for his support of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, and his liberal stances don’t make him a likely candidate to draw many Republican votes away from Trump. However, his past success in the polls for Governor and political track record may draw some voters to his campaign.

For more updates on the 2020 campaign, check back next week.