Decide on clubs and classes for your next school-year

The end of the 2018-2019 school year has finally come as seniors are preparing for after-high-school plans and current freshmen, sophomores and juniors look forward to summer break. However, before the start of the 2019-2020 school year, take a last look at these clubs and classes that might capture your interest. While people mostly see school as academic, I believe that choosing clubs and classes based on aspiring passions and unique opportunities is a great way to merge fun, enjoyment and purpose into everyday life. On that note, before deciding, here’s a list of unique clubs and classes to consider joining next year.

1)Yoga Class:

Credit: One elective credit

This is a new course aimed on each individual’s health: physically, nutritionally and physiologically. This course also intends to help students so that they can focus on health outside of the classroom. Activities include yoga, nutritional advice and other basic pieces of information that will lead students to a more healthy and relaxed way of life. This a great course for students who need a class to de-stress.

2) Mentorship

Credit: One elective credit  Grade: 11-12

Mentorship is suitable course for those looking into social service and any other kind of job that requires skills in leadership, confidence and guidance. Students choose a field of study and will use this class to expand their reach of the subject.  Those eligible to take this class (juniors and seniors) will grow in their ability in awareness, responsibility and quality of work. Students will work as interns in two-hour per week segments and completing class assignments simultaneously. At the end of the semester students will create a portfolio to showcase what was learned and gained. Students are required to spend one full day at the placement each semester to gain greater experience in the field. Students must provide their own transportation.

3) Advertising

Credit: One elective credit Grade: 11-12

Prerequisite: Application required

Advertising is a unique course in that fact that it will help students gain insight and experience into the world of advertising. Students will use their talents to sell advertisements with community partners. This is a great course for those looking to go into a sales, advertising, and/or media career. Only juniors and seniors may take this class, and an application is  required to join.

4) Dungeons and Dragons:

The Westlake Dungeons and Dragons Club is an interactive club that brings students together through the game “Dungeons and Dragons.” The club is open to all students and meets every Wednesday and Friday, mornings and afternoons. This club shares snacks and is an fun club to just make friends through the game as well as discuss strategy.

How to Join: Contact Cyrus Lowden ([email protected]) or Darcie Gilde ([email protected])

5) Slam Poetry Club

The Westlake Slam Poetry Club provides a place for students and peers to express their feelings and passions through poetry. Prompts are given each meeting, and students will have 30 minutes to write about said prompt. They will then present them to the other club members. All students are welcome. Join the club for an interactive, informative and fun atmosphere! Meetings are every Thursday in the NGC library from 4:20-5:30, and snacks are provided. This club is definitely appealing to those who love reading, art and overall creativity.

How to Join:  Kate Hirschfeld ([email protected]) or Valerie Taylor ([email protected])