Annoyed student conveys hatred for spoilers

Nothing is worse than when the ending or twist to the movie you’ve been patiently waiting to see is revealed to you. Especially when you kept telling your friends that you didn’t want to know. They’ll dangle the prospect of spoilers over your head, waiting for you to take the bait and ruin it for yourself. I’m sorry that I’m busy and that I have a life, but I just don’t have time to see a movie right when it is released.

I have a teacher who instated a “policy” that you have to wait two weeks to talk about a blockbuster movie. Why does there have to be a rule? Why can’t we just be decent people? This honestly baffles me. Sometimes I feel like people get joy out of ruining things for others — it makes them feel powerful. You must obey them because if you don’t, one flick of their tongue can make you weep.

Now I know this isn’t really that big of a deal. It is just a movie. But why can’t we be courteous for no reason? I mean, I don’t really actually care about what happened at the end of Sharknado, but I would like to be surprised if I wanted to.

The big one right now is Avengers: Endgame. I like Marvel, and I like the Avengers series, but I’m not by any means a diehard. If I really cared I would’ve seen it by now — I have other priorities. But that doesn’t mean I want it spoiled!