Guitar Hero, student reflects on video game Guitar Hero and the effect it had on her

The crowd cheers loudly as you step onto the wooden stage with your band. You look down to the fingers of your left hand, which are resting on the green, red, yellow and blue buttons; the orange button remains untouched. You place your dominant hand on the strummer as the intro of Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N’ Roses starts up. No matter how many times you play, it never gets old.

  The Xbox 360 was a huge part of my childhood, as my brother would always be playing on it. Many different games were enjoyable to play on the console, but there was one that always got me excited: Guitar Hero. The rush of adrenaline after every note was like no other. The best part was how interactive it was in every part of the game. Every time I played, it made me want to be in an actual band, especially when advancing from easy, to medium, to hard; the faster the notes came, the more inside the game I felt. It was always so fun to watch my brother play because he had mastered the game; he could even play certain songs without facing the TV, which I found so amusing.

Recently, my friend purchased some guitars off Ebay. Now that I am playing again, it brings back all the great memories from my childhood. We play Rock Band, a series of the game where you create your own band and perform at venues. In just two days we’ve climbed to 15,000 fans, expanding the venues we can travel to. We play in Paris and all over Europe. It is an upgrade from the original Guitar Hero I was used to, but it is still what I believe to be the best game of all time.