JV places in District throwing events

Many people run track as their main sport, while others run it to get faster for football. In addition to running events, some athletes do field events like long jump, high jump and pole vault. Others throw shot put and discus. These are physically and technically challenging sports, often appealing to football offensive and defensive linemen. Throwing helps an athlete with balance, coordination and timing.

“Throwing keeps me busy during the off-season for football, and most of the time I love to compete in it,” junior Connor Halverson said. “I think my throwing helps with football. I think if anything, the sudden twitch when throwing is helpful for my explosiveness on the field.”

Halverson placed eighth in shot put in District for JV April 2 with a throw of 38’6’’. He improved by working on it every day throughout the track season.

Junior Manolo Bustamante has been throwing shot for the past two years.

“This year I threw almost every day after school, and each day I’ve gained more confidence in my throws,” Bustamante said. “Because I committed on going to practice, it allowed me to improve my distances throughout the season.”

Bustamante worked hard enough to win District in JV shot with a throw of 42’, a personal record. He worked on explosiveness by attacking the front of the ring (the boundary circle) and consistently improved.

Sophomore discus thrower Nick Hogan placed seventh in District. Throughout the season, he focused on his release and footwork.

“I think throwing is a very technical sport besides just strength, so it’s kind of hard,” Hogan said. “In everything, the more you practice the better you’re gonna feel about it.”