Sports gambling column: Week 26

I should have thought about how I’ve done in terms of predicting March Madness in the past because all three of my bets that I made last week failed miserably. Florida State got blown out by Gonzaga in the Sweet Sixteen, North Carolina failed to slow down Auburn’s ongoing hot streak in that same round, and Duke fell to Michigan State in a close game on Sunday. So, the question is: Do I try to bet on the Final Four? I didn’t see anything I liked on Bovada until I came across a little thing called “double chance.”

Double chance is when you bet on two teams at once to win when there are four teams (meaning two games) to bet on, and you can win the bet if either of the two teams wins. So, one of the bets I’m taking is Michigan State or Auburn winning, meaning that if either Michigan State or Auburn win their respective games (or both win), I win the bet. I’m placing $10 on that one (+115), and I’m also putting down $10 on Texas Tech or Auburn (+205). Given the fact that in these semifinal games, one of the favored teams wins their game and an upset happens in the other game (or at least it feels that way), I think that these are pretty smart bets. We’ll see how that goes.


Money spent to date: $300

Winnings to date: $197.99