Softball struggles in District, prepares to face off against Lake Travis April 5

Varsity softball played host to Lehman high school at 7 p.m. March 29 at the Westlake Softball Diamond. After an uphill battle to break their streak of losses, the score ended 2-8, with the Lobos winning.

Outstanding players included senior Emily Pittman, driving home the first run in the first inning, freshman Ava Ladd scoring the second run in the fifth inning, followed by many athletic defensive plays by sophomore Delaney Druart.

“I have [learned] that losses don’t really mean anything,” sophomore Ellie Churchill said. “It’s the fight in the game, the spirit and how you bond with the team. The score doesn’t mean everything — trying our hardest is what matters.”

Despite the team’s losses, all members have been striving to maintain persistency and keep their spirits high.

“As the only senior, I wanted to be a leader for the team as well as get the ball in play every time,” Emily said. “The season has taught me persistence. We have only won one game so far, but our energy has been high the whole time.”

Head coach Haley Gaddis has worked hard to help every player be her best.

“She is really encouraging, and she pushes us to our max because she knows our potential and believes in us,” Ellie said.

The team worked well together against Lehman even though individual players said they did not play their best.

“We have been struggling this season, and sometimes when you’re struggling it is hard to stay enthused,” Gaddis said. “But the chemistry on this team is some of the best I have seen. When you’re struggling, it is easy to point fingers or play the blame game, but this team is mature enough to hold themselves accountable.”

The girls all strive to be their best. The team wants to enjoy the game, and be filled with school spirit.

“You’re on this team, right?”  freshman JV player Schuyler Coulson said. “And even though they’re varsity and I’m JV, and technically we are two separate teams, we still are one team: the Chaps. Watching varsity girls getting these hits and making these plays is really empowering, and eventually I will play with them and get to share this experience.

The Chaps will travel to Lake Travis April 5 for their next District game.