Student reflects on the new movie, Us

Directed by Jordan Peele (Get Out, Key and Peele), Us [R] is described as a “horrifying” and “mind boggling” film, which received an outstanding metacritic rating of 96 percent Rotten Tomatoes. Us manages to be funny, freaky, and thrilling all at once and is a dark reflection on America’s past. It stars Lupita Nyong’o who plays both Adelaide Wilson and her evil clone, Red. Winston Duke also plays two roles: both Adelaide’s distraught and light-hearted husband, Gabe, and his evil clone, Abraham. Shahadi Wright Joseph, also takes on two roles as Zora, the sassy yet mature daughter of Gabe and Adelaide and her evil clone, Umbrae. Evan Alex, plays Jason, the odd and introverted son of Gabe and Adelaide, and his evil clone, Pluto, who is addicted to fire.

The movie presents a family vacationing in Santa Cruz, California where they stay in Adelaide’s childhood beachfront home. Immediately they meet up with old friends on the beach near the boardwalk where Adelaide is struck with horrible memories of her past. Throughout the beginning, Adelaide’s husband, Gabe, grows worrisome as he sees how she is reacting to being home. Adelaide explains to Gabe that when she was a little girl she saw another little girl who looked identical to her. She then goes on to talk about how she feels that the girl is coming back for her. After the family discovers an identical family waiting for them outside their home, they realize Adelaide isn’t just imagining things. Each member of the identical family wear red jumpsuits and carry gold scissors. The clone family has different quirks and details that distinguish them from the actual person they resemble. The rest of the movie is full of Easter eggs and deep metaphors which Peele is known for, as well as his added comedic value.

Overall, I believe this movie was slightly over-hyped. Although it sends out a powerful message, when leaving the theater I found that both my friends and I had a lot of unanswered questions. Since the movie Get Out, Peele has been known for having deep metaphorical meanings tied to even the smallest things. But sadly, there were a lot of potholes throughout this film. I even had to watch YouTube videos afterwards to fully understand it. However, I would still say go and watch it. If you like to get freaked out in the movie theater, then it definitely won’t disappoint in that realm. Just be sure to watch with your complete and undivided attention to get the best out of it.