Varsity baseball defeats Boerne in Pennybacker Classic

Last Saturday night, the Chaps played host to Boerne Champion High School in the Pennybacker Classic tournament. Senior Preston Hackney took the mound for Westlake, pitching for two and a third innings. For most of the game, the two teams were neck-and-neck, but thanks to home runs from senior Denton Apple and junior Leo Lowin, the Chaps ended up winning the game 8-5, finishing the tournament 3-0.

“We got behind early, but we stayed at it,” pitcher junior Ethan Siegel said. “Denton and Leo both had clutch home runs to pull ahead and get the win.”

Boerne went up three runs in the first inning after they hit a double on a 1-1 count slotting home two runs on top of a previous run scored. Going into the second inning, sophomore Braden Davis hit an RBI single on a 3-2 count making the score 1-3.

“The game plan was to just keep plugging away,” Blair said. “It’s a long game, and we always tell our guys, ‘Hey we’re a good team too. Hang in there and wear them down.’”

In the third inning, Boerne scored another run, making the score 1-4. Braden then came up to the plate again and hit another RBI, this time a double, bringing the score to 2-4. Boerne then scored off of another single in the fifth inning, putting them at 5 runs where they would finish scoring for the night.

Senior Taylor Anderson halted the Chargers’ scoring when he pitched for four and two-thirds innings, allowing only three hits. Then in the sixth inning, Denton hit a solo shot, making the score 6-5 followed by a Leo two-run shot, finalizing the score at 8-5.

“I think this is a really good team,” head coach J.T. Blair said. “We have a lot of good players, and I wanna get the most out of our guys and reach our full potential.”

The Chaps are currently 12-1 on the season and are currently in preseason. They begin district play at 7:30 PM on March 15 against Lake Travis at home.

“We got a lot of good depth in the field and have a lot of good pitchers,” Ethan said. “I’m confident that we can make a run in the playoffs this year.”